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Niall Miller
Photographer / Film maker

I am a Commercial photographer, digital artist and videographer based in greater Manchester but travel all over the UK and travel internationally when the project requires. I have an honours degree in Photography from the University of Central Lancashire. Passionate about photography and visual art I have constantly strived to learn and better myself in these fields, recently expanding my skill set to include videography to provide clients short form films, often in the form of short promotional videos.

I can work independently or as a member of a team working on bigger projects or for larger brands and I’m often subcontracted out by other photographers who work on large, and often bespoke commercial product shoots – including but not limited to high end furniture for luxury yachts. My clients cover a wide spectrum and I devote as much time to local companies or individuals as possible, to produce marketing material or promotional images for their products and/or services.

I firmly believe that without growth art is meaningless. I have always pushed myself to learn and try new things, to push my boundaries and test my limitations. Its in this experimentation that you learn and grow as an artist. I have always wanted to create the best possible work with my clients I pride myself on providing the best possible product/ service that I can by always pushing myself to improve.

My work has taken me all over the UK and to Europe. Travel is no issue for me. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting projects. Feel free to get in touch with the link below if you want any further information.

Niall Miller Photography

Manchester, United Kingdom

Instagram: niallmillerphoto

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